The combustion of fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel to transport peopleand goods was the largest source of CO 2 emissionsin 2017, approximately 34.2% of total CO 2 emissionsin the US and 27.7% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US This category includes sources related to transportation such as road vehicles, air travel, maritime transport and rail.

Electricity . Electricity is a significant source of energy in the United States and is used in homes, businesses, and industries. In 2017, the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity was the second largest source of CO 2 emissionsin the nation, approximately 32.9% of total CO 2 emissionsin the US and 26, 7% of total greenhouse gas.

Industry . Many industrial processes emit CO 2 through the consumption of fossil fuels. Several processes also produce CO 2 emissionsthrough chemical reactions without combustion; for example: the production and consumption of mineral products such as cement, the production of metals such as iron and steel, and the production of chemicals. The combustion of fossil fuels from various industrial processes accounted for approximately 15.4% of total CO 2 emissionsin the US and 12.5% of total greenhouse.

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