Recycling program

What is PSH Reciclando?

Podemos Ser Heroes® is a program that takes place in the United States of America from 4845 Pearl E Cir, Boulder, Colorado. 80301 YFSE headquarters for the United States of America.

Through an environmental educational program to save rainforests, seeks to encourage conscientious people to participate as volunteers in the development of this initiative in Favor of the Environment, which consists of completing a five-year afforestation cycle during the months of each Mesoamerican winter.

The different programs include courses that will help you develop your skills and learning, where anyone who participates achieves adequate training and looks at it as an entertainment and knowledge acquisition project. During this stage of history that the whole world is experiencing, but in which we can all be heroes, with a way to interact with family and friends to save biodiversity together and mitigate Climate Change.

PSH Reciclando® was born under the name ¨Todos Juntos Ahora¨ (“All Together Now”) because only together now will we achieve the goal of saving rainforests, by learning to recycle and by emphasizing the need to preserve them for new generations as essential elements of human life. All this with the purpose of teaching our young people to protect the Environment, providing them with the possibility of learning and educating themselves, sharing information and techniques for reusing materials that are discarded, providing our society with a true comprehensive solution to the problem of ecology


PSH Reciclando®, through the creation of cooperation agreements with different entities, aims to favor both the Environment and these entities, facilitating the reuse of solid waste through the development of a general waste recycling program, thus strengthening its Environmental Management System. In addition, it provides training and advice to entities at no cost and preparing environmental diagnoses with their corresponding reports

The program PSH Reciclando®, together with the entity, will receive the solid waste that is jointly determined, as long as they are in disuse or discarded, having completed their useful life to be excluded from the fixed assets of the entity in accounting matters.

By joining this program through cooperation agreements, the entities will benefit as follows:

Economic Aspects:

  • Recovery of useful spaces in entities that are occupied by disused or discarded materials.
  • Reintegration of a percentage of the value of the collected materials (scrap metal,electronics, etc.) in training services, PSH LED lighting devices in charge of or audiovisual material and developments on the Web.
  • Promotion and strengthening of the program without requesting funds from the State.

Socio-Environmental Aspects
  • Decrease in the amount of solid waste sent to landfills.
  • Reduction in the use of natural resources, through the reuse and recycling of solid waste.
  • Decrease in air, water and soil pollution caused by solid waste.
  • Orderly and safe recovery of solid waste.
  • Support for educational recycling programs to generate an environmental culture in all inhabitants.

PSH Reciclando® invites you to be part of the solution.