Landfills are the antipodes of sustainability. But, how does the garbage that accumulate in our environment impact?


More and more garbage is being generated in the world.
According to a World Bank report, the waste produced on the planet in 2016
reached 2,010 million tons, and this figure could skyrocket to 3,400 million in
2050, that is, almost 70% more garbage in just thirty years . We live in the
era of throwaway and this is the price we are paying: we don’t know what to do
with so much waste.

But, unfortunately, this is not what usually happens, and the vast majority of garbage ends up in landfills.

* Landfills are one of the causes of climate change

1. Fires or explosions can occur inside landfills

2. They can contaminate soil and water

3. They alter the fauna

4. Cause depreciation of the environment

5. Sometimes accidents happen in landfills