Recycling Center


The following preliminary draft proposal shows in a schematic way the development of the infrastructure of the collection center, determining step-by-step the gray work required to be able to start operations of the PSH Reciclando® program and subsequently expand its storage and processing capacity.

1.       Construction Stages: Initial Stage, Temporary Structures.

2.     Middle Stage, Beginning of the Industrial Vault.

3.     Advanced Stage Machinery Improvement and Vault expansion.

Initial Stage

A 40 x 18 m grid of usable land is defined, which respects the ravine protection zone and the parallel street that is proposed to be laid. The proposed facilities are those required by law for a collection center.

It is planned to:

·       Install the connection of Drinking Water and

·       Put in a slab for separation and storage area.

·       Build Bath Batteries.

·       Set up a temporary office and dining room-

·       Parking and loading area on compacted earth.


Middle Stage

Following the grid defined from the beginning, the slab is expanded, in a modular way, walls are placed and the spaces for the storage of non-ferrous materials are defined, since these require by law to be indoors.

It is proposed to carry out:

·        Partition walls.

·        Rigid frames for Industrial Warehouse.

·        Expansion of administrative and staff use areas.

·        Slope for unloading area.

·        Slab for area for parking esplanade and truck maneuvering.

·        Security booth.

Advanced Stage

Continuing with the modular growth of the work, the industrial warehouse is completed by roofing the loading area and the area for ferrous materials. The administrative and bathroom area is constituted as a single building, with offices on the second level and common areas on the first.

It is proposed to carry out: 

• Finish the industrial warehouse.

• Expansion of areas for administrative and staff use.

• Dividing walls between ferrous materials.

• Installation of solar panels. Installation of rainwater harvesting systems.

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